We open doors to a variety
of spices worldwide
Welcome to Moon Trade Group
We open doors to a variety
of spices worldwide
Welcome to Moon Trade Group

Madagascar cultivates exceptional qualities of spice ....

Moon Trade Group Import and Export company headquartered in Tamatave is renown to be among the major leaders of spices exporter in Madagascar. Moon Trade Group was founded in 1987 and the trade of spice has been our primary business with the aim of linking specialty spices buyers with Madagascar’s growers

Within the company, the passion for spices and the desire to provide quality products is reflected at all levels of process. The company is present on the entire east coast of Madagascar, From Vohemar to Farafangana to reap the best products. We act in a way that makes the farmers be “quality conscious” and share our passion of “ The spice”. And it is this constant search for a better product that creates a link between the customers and the farmers.

Our passion to serve client has been a tradition of over 20 years. Customer’s satisfaction and transparency are our ground rule, which has led to the success of our company, demonstrated by loyal clients overs years and increasing demand.

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We are striving hard to deliver consistent quality, reliable service and achieving the highest quality standards. Each step of the product is carefully followed and insured by experienced staffs of over 20 years of knowledge.


We understand that comprehensive control will enhance our efficiency and leads to customer’s satisfaction.

Before reaching international markets, our products are strictly controlled by SGS / JLB / CTHT, which are the leading inspecting, controlling and testing company in Madagascar in order to insure that our products meet the needs of our client.

With the aim to provide quality products and 100% natural, we ensure that our spices are from a friendly agricultural production of natural cycles and biodiversity. Production of pure and natural spices is our guarantee of quality, authenticity and respect for the environment. Our presence from the sources until end-product is our way of ensuring compliance with the quality of the product, which will be delivered.

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